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Cacao Nibs 8oz Bag

Cacao Nibs 8oz Bag


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Customer Reviews

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Zyon Christante
Light, Crunchy, Buttery Morsels

These cacao nibs are the best I've ever tasted, and I've eaten many different brands of nibs over the past decade or so. It is a testament to this high quality cacao grown in Peru. Thank you!

The Best!!!

I usually like 80-95% chocolates and this is the way to do that. Put your nose in the bag and you get an aura of flavor that is ever so good. Had to take a pause to go get some, so I am chewing them up now. You can make basic chocolate with these without a melanger, by running them through a Champion juicer. About 10 times you will run them through, and eventually the powder will turn out to be hot liquidy goopy chocolate. Beware, because hot gloopy chocolate if swallowed is like tofu that can still be hot in the center. Hits you like a train. Anyway, chocolate molds are pretty easy to procure ( is a good source. You don't have to go through all the processing to make it perfect to enjoy it. By the way, there are over 500 medicinals in cocoa beans, so enjoy munching on them, and they suppress your appetite if that is important for you. So these nibs are the beans cleaned up and ready to do whatever you want with them, and if you want a refined chocolate bar, they have those also.

Ken Riley
Need to try more ways to use.

It's hard to put these up against their chocolate. Never having tried this kind of product before I was unsure what to expect.

Dennis Richardson
Think again

If you have encountered bitter, brittle, harsh tasting nibs….
Think again!
Smooth, nutty, delicious, these nibs add texture and flavor to yogurt and smoothies—btw great on their own

Roger Smith

Outstanding product but exorbitant shipping fee puts this product out of reach!