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About Us

''Are you sitting down'' said Dr. Lyndel Meinhardt, Lead Researcher at the USDA/ Genetics Lab. ''When Dr. Meinhardt spoke those words I knew we had found something Special'' said Dan Pearson senior partner.

Dr Meinhardt continued ''What you found is Pure Nacional cacao, which made the most popular chocolate in Europe and North America until diseases destroyed the trees over 100 years ago. It was thought-to-be-extinct -- until now.''

His call in late 2009 began our rare fine chocolate journey. Now our wholesale clients in 26 countries utilize our bulk cacao and bulk chocolate to make desserts, truffles and chocolate bars.

American citizens--Dan Pearson and his partners Adam Pearson and Adam's brother Brian Horsley began doing business in Peru in 2002. the day Pure Nacional was discovered they were sourcing tropical fruits for clients in a remote Marañón Canyon in Northern Peru.

''We are now both a Peruivan-American family and a Peruvian-American company.'' said Pearson. Adam and Brian both married Peruvian women and together have 5 young children- Four boys and one girl.

''This is more than a business to us'' said Brian Horsley. ''We make certain everyone benefits from our discovery: the farmers, the trees, the environment and chocolate lovers around the world.''