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Frequently Asked Questions!


Does Fortunato chocolate contain heavy metals?

We are fortunate that Fortunato Chocolate is made from beans that are free of heavy metal contamination. The cacao we use for Fortunato chocolate is one genetic variety from one specific valley that we purchase directly from the local growers association.

Our chocolate maker in Switzerland, Max Felchlin AG, periodically tests chocolate made with our beans for cadmium. In 2019, EU488/2014 established the maximum levels of cadmium that different types of chocolate and Cocoa powder can contain. The EU maximum cadmium level for chocolate containing 50 percent or more cocoa solids is 0.8mg/kg . You can see from the attached test results that our 68% dark chocolate has only .1mg/kg of cadmium, so our cacao is 88% below the world's most stringent cadmium limits, and 96% below California's cadmium limit.

Although the EU does not have a specific limit for lead, we periodically perform a polymetallic test for lead, cadmium and arsenic. The strictest permissible lead levels for food come from California's maximum allowable dose level (MADL) for lead, which is 0.5 micrograms per kilo. Our result from December of 2022 is .01, or 98% below California's limit.

So, our cacao is free of heavy metal contamination.  As a bonus, our chocolate is also kosher!


How do I edit my subscription?

You can get a link to your subscription by inputting your email address into the subscription page on our website. From there you will receive an email to edit/view your subscription!


I created a subscription over $49, why did I get charged for shipping?

Likely, part of your order is set to a 1 month subscription and the other part of your order to a 2 month subscription. This triggered the system to create two separate subscriptions on different intervals, this put the total cost of each subscription under $49, which added the shipping cost. 

In order to remove the shipping fee: cancel one of the subscriptions and add those products to the other subscription.

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