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Peruvian Food We Don't Like

Peruvian Food We Don't Like

Hello and good day!

On the whole, me and my brother Brian are huge, huge fans of Peruvian cuisine.

But as Americans living and doing business abroad, there are many food items that we've never been able to get our head around.

For example, Brian was once served grilled grub worms in a native village deep in the northern jungle. At that same meal, he was also served saliva fermented liquor.

My father-in-law keeps hens for fresh eggs. Whenever we visit, he butchers a couple of hens to prepare a special meal for us.   He frequently finds partially formed eggs in the hen's interior lining, which he likes to scoop out and fry in a hot skillet. He is always generous enough to offer me a serving.

I did try it once back when I first married his daughter, nineteen years ago. I was still trying to make a good impression. But now that I have built up some credibility, I no longer feel obligated to indulge.



Heaping mounds of white rice.

Half plates of boiled potato slices with no sauce.

Barbequed skewered chicken's feet.

Just to name a few.

Brian and I just recorded a full podcast on Peruvian food we don't like.

To keep it fair, we also discussed food in the United States that our Peruvian wives aren't crazy about.

Macaroni and cheese for example.  

Also, we discuss chocolate combinations that we've tried over the years that just haven't done it for us.

On a more positive note, we did spend several minutes discussing a Peruvian street food that we both love and that you can easily make at home.

It is called Papa Rellena. The double L is pronounced as a Y. This is boiled and mashed potato, reformed into a ball. You fill the middle of the ball with sautéed meat, chicken or beef, or if you are vegetarian, your favorite vegetable, onions, boiled eggs, and purple olives. Then you fry the outside of the potato ball golden brown. I've never seen this simple and delicious dish anywhere in the US.

It is a street food in Peru, and you see little papa rellena carts all over the place in most Peruvian cities. It is exquisite and very simple to make. Just make sure to use a good potato.

To listen to the full episode of the podcast, please click the link below.

Thank you so much for your time today.

I hope that you have a truly blessed day!