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New Product: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Dates

New Product: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Dates

Hello and good day!

It is my great pleasure to announce another new product that we have just put online.It is a variation on a product that we already offer, but the variation is significant enough to make the new version distinct from its predecessor.

The new product is Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Dates.

For some time now, we have been offering dark chocolate covered dates with coconut shavings. These have been quite popular, but we have frequently run into people who simply do not like coconut and wished that we had an alternative.

A while back, we started testing different approaches.

Nothing really blew my mind until one day I came into the shop and Javier, our chocolatier, gave me a dark chocolate date with sea salt.

We buy the dates we use from an organic date farm in Coachella, California. They are big, sweet, and luscious.Dark chocolate turns out to be a great pairing with dates, at least in my opinion. Dark chocolate reels in the natural sweetness of dates, and this is a good thing, especially with the dates we use, because sometimes dates blow out your palate from being so sweet.

I loved coconut with this pairing, because I find coconut to be very earthy, and I thought that the stone fruit flavors of our dark chocolate, and the sweetness of the dates, along with the earthiness of coconut all worked very well together.

With sea salt, it becomes a whole different thing.

When Javier gave me the first sampling, I knew for sure that we had to start offering them as a product. I was literally stopped in my tracks by how good they were.

I was talking and brainstorming and taking care of some business, when Javier smiled at me, stuck out his hand, and said try this.I stopped talking for a moment and complied with Javier's command.

As soon as I bit in for the first time, my activity and my talking immediately came to a halt. I couldn't do anything else other than enjoy what I was tasting. It was as if my brain shut down for a moment, and only the center that controlled my taste buds remained active.

I think it is fair to describe this new product a something like a whole food version of a sea salt caramel.The dates from Coachella are so sweet and creamy that they almost remind you of a caramel.With a touch of sea salt, you really get that great sweet and salt contrast that so many of us love.

I've said it before, and I am going to say it again now, not everybody is a date person.We accept that. It is hard for me to get my head around, because I love dates so much, but everybody is different. I've come to terms with it.

As a younger and more headstrong man, I may have tried to convince a non-date person to see things my way. But I am more tolerant now. If you don't like dates, then this product is not for you.

However, if you are a date lover like me, this product really is great.My brother Brian tells everybody that this is his absolute favorite product that we make.

My wife always wants me to bring this product home.

My kids love them.

On my brother's most recent trip to Peru, he took a whole bunch of products for our cacao farm partners to try, and the sea salt dates were the consensus favorite by a long shot.

In our shops, we have at least a few dozen customers who come in over and over again just to buy this one product.

It is a hit.


And you know something? It is very nice and satisfying to stumble upon a hit product, something that people love so much they buy it again and again. You end up becoming a part of somebody's life when you are able to do this.

When they don't have this thing they really enjoy, they feel the absence. It is a true honor to play that role is somebody's life. But the only way to do it is to produce something good enough to earn that spot.

You can trick somebody into buying something once. It is unethical to trick people into doing something, but it can be done.However, it is very difficult to trick somebody into buying something more than once. Impossible really.

So when we see people coming in week after week, it is such a great feeling.

Anyhow, I have gushed quite a bit here. I apologize if I've gone overboard. But good food and good products put me in that frame of mind.If you'd like to give our new Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Dates a try, simply click the link below.

I hope that you have a truly blessed day!


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