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New Product: Coconut Pineapple Milk Chocolate Squares

New Product: Coconut Pineapple Milk Chocolate Squares

Hello and good day!

A couple of weeks back when we started making a list of the products we wanted to put online, it looked like this product would be put on the back burner. The problem was that we didn't appear to have enough of the proper molds.

However, late last week, Javier told me to go ahead and put this one online. Among the folks who work for our company, this is a crowd favorite. And it is one of the best sellers in our shops.

The reasoning for putting it online now was that we simply couldn't say that we were trying to make the online store match our shops without making this product available.  

So in spite of our current limited supply of molds, we are proceeding with this wonderful product. The upside to being short on molds is that you can feel very sure that you are getting something that was just made fresh.

We don't have enough capacity to build up any kind of inventory on this one. We make them and sell them in short order.The stores usually run out and I'd imagine that we'll sell out online from time to time as well.

Anyhow, without further ado, I'd like to present our coconut, pineapple squares to you. These squares are made with our 36% milk chocolate, and then we hand dip one half, diagonally, in our 68% dark chocolate.

The first thing to point out is that dried, unsweetened, coconut is, in my humble opinion, a perfect compliment for a sweeter milk chocolate. The richness and the earthiness of the coconut soaks up some of the sweetness from the milk chocolate. Dried coconut also has a nice, firm chew to it which adds great texture.

However, when you combine our swiss made milk chocolate and coconut, you end up with rich on rich. And too much rich, with no break in the action, can get old pretty fast. And here is where our chocolatier, Javier, really did some nice thinking.

 How do you cut through all that richness and add another layer of flavor? Dried pineapple to the rescue. Now you've got all that richness cut with a perfect undertone of acidity. But dried pineapple is not too acidic, it is sweet and tangy and it all goes together beautifully.

Finally, we dip one half of the square in our 68% dark chocolate, and that makes each half it's own experience.

When I bring these home to my family, a tussle literally ensues, all of us fighting to get our fair share. Even our three year old Daniel wades in to the fray, trying to stake his claim.

This underlines something else that I love about this product. It is so outright, undeniably delicious that kids love it. At the same time, it is sophisticated enough that a foodie with a well developed palate will appreciate what a work of art it is.

In our shops, we have about 40 free samples out on the counter at all times. Pretty much everything we sell is always out for sample. Anybody who happens to sample this product feels compelled to buy it. You can count on it like clockwork. It is just too good.

Finally, I like the size of the squares. The are perfect for one serving, if you have the will power to eat just one. I don't. But I'd imagine that somebody with a stronger will than me will appreciate the portioning.

Have I gushed enough about this product yet?

Well let me say one last thing. If you do some price comparison shopping, I think that you'll find we're offering an extremely fair price as well, which is one of our core principles.

Very high end chocolates at fair and accessible prices.

That's it. I believe I've said all that I can say. We are very proud of the pineapple coconut squares and I know that our wonderful friends and customers all over the country will have a good time with this one.

To pick up a bag, just click on the link below to purchase and enjoy. Thank you so much for your time.

I hope that you have a truly blessed day!


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