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It Is Hard to Say Goodbye

It Is Hard to Say Goodbye

Hello and good day!

One of the hardest things in life is saying goodbye. You've had a good time with somebody. You care about them. You want the good times to keep going.

But they have to leave and you have to continue on with your life.


It could be that you had a family member who came to visit you for a while and the trip is up. It could be that a loved one passed away. No matter what the situation, saying goodbye is so hard.

I've been watching the weather get cooler every day here in Washington state. It rains 9 months of the year and when the sun finally comes during the summer, it feels like such a reprieve.

We can actually go out and take walks.The kids can play outside. And now the rain comes again. We say goodbye to the sun and get ready to bunker down and endure the cold and gray.  

No matter how hard we wish we could have one more month of sun, it isn't going to happen, the rain comes when it comes. It is out of our control. No matter how much we wish we didn't have to say goodbye sometimes, people come and people go.

Kids grow up. People go home. Loved ones get sick or old. It can be sad.

But life keeps going.

I once helped a friend pack a moving truck.  A bunch of people came over to help out and one of them was a gentleman who had recently lost his wife to cancer. He was being so stoic about his loss.

When I had him alone for a moment, I asked him this question. Is it better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all?

He touched my shoulder and looked me in the eye. He said that loving and losing is so much better than never loving. He'd always have the memories of his beloved wife. He had that time with her.

Imagine if the summer never came and it just rained all the time. Would that be better?

Good times with loved ones are the sun that shines on our lives.They are the moments that must be cherished and remembered. And then we must go on. we all hope they can return some day if not we have the memories in our minds and in our hearts.

I hope that you have a truly blessed day!


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