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Is your chocolate fancy?

Is your chocolate fancy?

Hello and good day!

I ran into an extremely elegant woman yesterday.

 I was walking around promoting our chocolate shop in the rain, carrying an umbrella, when I came across her. She was climbing into a sparkling white Mercedes SUV.

 I'd guess she was about 35 years old.She had long blonde hair, the type that is blonde on top and light brown underneath.Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail.

 She was wearing what looked to me like a purple cashmere sweater. I'm no expert on cashmere, but the material looked quite soft and as far as I know, cashmere is the softest sweater fabric available.

 On top of the purple sweater, she had on a shiny new black rain coat with no hood, and her blonde pony tail hung down over the back collar., She had on tight fitting blue jeans that were tucked into black boots with fur trim.

 On her wrist and around her neck she had on glistening jewelry that managed to shine in spite of the grey overcast and rainy weather that was all around us.

 I'm no expert on diamonds, but I would assume the glittering stones in her jewelry were indeed diamonds.

 Right before she was able to get into her car, I ran up to the front of the Mercedes, with my umbrella, and yelled "excuse me miss!". This detained her for a moment and kept her from climbing into the driver's seat.

 She stood behind the open car door and looked up curiously, smiling at me. She had the whitest teeth I've seen in a while.

 I gave her my spiel about the free hot chocolate in our shop, and how it was great hot chocolate weather, and I told her that if she wanted to see our chocolate shop and get a free hot chocolate, it was just right down in the corner of the shopping center.

 Somewhere during my my mini-presentation, I became aware of how I looked. An umbrella doesn't keep your pants from getting wet when it is windy and you are out in the rain for an extended period of time.

 In particular, if you have something in your pockets that protrudes, like a wallet or a cell phone, you end up with a wet, dark, splotch over the pockets in the shape of the object.

 Not only that, the bottom of your pant legs get wet from accidentally stepping in puddles.

 And frankly, I hadn't made the best wardrobe choice for the weather. I had on orange/brown cloth pants that get wet easily and show their wetness clearly.

 I also had on a semi-old dark blue fleece sweater that I leave unzipped so that people can see my Fortunato Chocolate t-shirt below and a worn, brown Fortunato Chocolate t-shirt underneath

 After I finished my opening remarks, the elegant woman asked in an eastern European accent "Is the hot chocolate fancy?".

 "Fancy?" I replied, "Oh yes, it is fancy".

 And just as I was about to launch into our whole story right there in the rain, a big gust of wind came blowing through and caught underneath my umbrella, almost blowing it out of my hand.

 I tightened my grip on the handle and pulled back against the wind so as not to have the umbrella fly away from me.

 My pulling in one direction and the wind pushing in the other caused the umbrella to turn inside out.

 It is a very silly and embarrassing thing when you have an umbrella turn inside out on you.

 Because the prongs are all pointed upwards, you end up with no coverage and the umbrella becomes useless. And the sight of seeing something so distorted and useless has a very funny shock value.

 I turned back around towards my new friend, upwards turned umbrella in my hand and asked for a moment. I then proceeded to fight to turn the prongs back down, while also trying to tell the story of our company.

 I could see that my one person audience was losing interest and was also a bit put off that she had to stand in the rain while listening to me and watching me fight with my umbrella.

 But to her credit, she was quite polite and patient about the whole thing.

When I finally finished, she said thank you and got in her car and drove away. She didn't come in. But I think she will in the future, so it was worth it.

 It was a funny situation, but it also got me thinking about her question.

 Is it fancy?

 Given our interaction, she probably doesn't believe that our chocolate is fancy. And by fancy, I don't think she was being ostentatious.

 I think she wanted to know if we were slinging cheap chocolate or if we had good, high quality chocolate.  

 Here is something to think about.

 The best wine makers wear dirty boots and have dirt under their finger nails. Michelangelo suffered sheer physical torture painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

 The most beautiful luxury cars are built by gear heads with oil all over their clothing.

 Great chefs have cut their hands with sharp blades hundreds of times and blood has gushed all over their kitchens.

 And high quality cacao processing requires you to stick your head into a box of hot, fermenting, acidic cacao that burns your eyes and stings your nostrils every single day.

 Fanciness requires a lot of unfanciness before it becomes fancy.

 And that made me feel better about how unelegant, clumsy, and outright buffoonish I must have looked during my brief conversation with this very elegant woman.

 I know that if she does come into the shop for a hot chocolate and some free samples, she will be impressed.

 Anyhow, hopefully you got a little comic relief from this story and remember not to judge a book by its cover.

 Sometimes the most delicious things in the world come in very humble and surprising packaging.

 I hope that you have a truly blessed day!


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