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How People Fall in Love

How People Fall in Love

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A couple of days ago, I had a customer tell me that her husband just passed way.I ran into her in the parking lot out in front of our shop. She was out there with her daughter.

I asked her how long she had been married. She said 45 years. Then she started to tell me how she met her husband.They were working together in the same office.

There were a lot of other men in that office, men who were taller, more handsome, more outgoing, and who had more impressive positions in the company. But her husband was the kindest.

Everybody knew that he had the sweetest personality.He always checked in on folks to see how they were doing. He brought people gifts on special occasions. He was a sincerely good and thoughtful man.

When she saw him for the first time, in their crowded office, standing at somebody's desk across the room talking, she knew.And when he talked to her for the first time, he knew.

They were drawn to each other and quickly became inseparable. Shortly after that, they got married and started a family.

As it tends to go, the kids grew up, moved out, and started families of their own.The kids produced grandkids and as time went on, our customer and her husband became ever more tightly bound together.That is how it goes with folks who are married for a long time.

You become one.

I've been married for 18 going on 19 years and I know from experience how two people grow together.Hearing love stories is one of my favorite things.

What I find so fascinating about them is that one day you are living life, not thinking about making a long term commitment, just going through the motions doing what you have to do.

Then all of the sudden, somebody makes an appearance in your life. They come across your radar. And you don't exactly know why you feel so strongly about them. For whatever reason, you just can't help it. You have to be with them.

It is mysterious.

I had a neighbor up the street from our house who was suffering from dementia. Her kids have since moved her into a home where she will have more people around and better medical care.Whenever we used to see her walking around, we always stopped to have a chat with her.

The one thing that was always on her mind was how she met her husband.

She was working as a clerk in JC Penny.Her husband was a customer who kept coming in to buy stuff everyday. She noticed him and liked him, but she couldn't understand why he kept coming in so much.

One day, when he was checking out, she asked him why he was in the store all the time.He told her that he kept coming in because he wanted to see her.He was shy and didn't know how to ask her out.

He was coming in and making purchases because he hoped that one day, he'd figure out the right way to go about it. She blushed and they made plans to go out that night. One thing led to another and they spent their life together.

Why those two? They didn't know each other.There was no plan. Their paths happened to cross and in time they became one.

I met my wife out dancing in Peru. At first, I was to shy to ask anybody for a dance. I was standing outside the dancehall being a real stick in the mud.

My brother came out and gave me a pep talk and he convinced me to go inside and ask somebody for a dance.I wandered around, making eye contact with women and smiling at them, but none of them inspired me.

Then I heard a noise that cut through the blaring music, the chatter, and the sound of clinking beer bottles.

It was laughter. I heard the loudest, most charming, and most authentic laugh bellowing through the hall.It was a belly laugh.I followed the laugh back to the source and there she was, the love of my life.

I didn't go out that night planning to meet anybody.And never in a million years would I have thought that a laugh would be the key to my heart.

But there you have it, it is mysterious.

We danced all night, got hitched, started a family, and became one.It seems to me that falling in love is one of three great desires that most human beings have.

The other two are to do something inspirational by overcoming some hard challenge, and engaging in the battle of good versus evil.

Most popular movies or books have love, inspiration, or good vs.evil as their plot line. Doing something inspirational or joining in the fight to help good conquer evil are choices we make.

Falling in love appears to happen by chance.

That being the case, I wish you love.

I hope that you have a truly blessed day!


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