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Everything Good takes 5-6 Years-- Part One

Everything Good takes 5-6 Years-- Part One

Hello and good day!

Take a look at the picture

This is a photo from our very first ever sales pitch to cacao farmers out in the district of Huarango in northern Peru. We wanted to build a cacao processing facility in their district. We wanted to buy cacao from them at premium prices far above what they were currently being paid. And we wanted to take the work of post harvest processing off of their plates.

It was a very good deal for them, but we were new and the concept was novel and untested. Nobody knew us and our plan had no track record. As a result, my brother Brian didn't pull much of a crowd in the beginning.We were lucky to get two dozen people showing up at those first presentations.

But my brother Brian kept giving these talks over and over again, several times a month, for years. Out of two dozen farmers, a couple would agree to give us a shot.The big risk was that we would go out of business and leave our farm partners high and dry without a buyer for their perishable crop.

Brian and our team delivered on the promises made in those sales pitches. We did not go out of business, even though we came close many times.