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Assuring Quality

Assuring Quality

Unlike most other chocolate companies, we buy cacao directly from our cacao farm partners wet, fresh off the tree. We manage all of the fermenting and drying ourselves.

This means that we are not getting a bunch of inconsistent post harvest processing because hundreds of farmers are each doing their own thing and then selling us the final product.

The wet cacao beans, scraped out of the pods, are transported in sealed buckets by foot, mules, motorbikes, and trucks to our facility. All beans are inspected before fermenting and defective beans are removed.

All beans are inspected again on the drying tables. To protect the unique flavors all small and flat beans are removed. The dried beans are packaged in 110-pound bags for shipping to Switzerland to make Fortunato No. 4 chocolate.

This extreme care and attention to detail leads to truly delicious chocolate.