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Roasted Cacao Nibs
Roasted Cacao Nibs

Roasted Cacao Nibs

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Roasted beans broken into small pieces. 100% natural- no sugar or flavors added.  Crunchy and super healthy. Sprinkle on fruit, yogurt, cereal, or enjoy alone as a snack!

Each order includes 2 - 8 oz bags for a total of 1 pound per order. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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julane jazzique

I’ve bought 3 different products.
All wonderful.
Highly recommended for chocolate yummy that is healthy

Alan Hilliard
Delicious on nearly everything!

Since receiving these, we have been trying them on some random things, including (but not limited to):

Rolling a banana in peanut butter and then nibs...

Nibs atop strawberry ice cream...

Nibs atop homemade strawberry and banana cheesecake...

...straight out of the bag and into our mouthes. Truly delicious any way you decide to use them!!

Amanda Muszynski

Given as a gift and got treats back in return. Amazing

Lesley Foertsch
Best Roasted Cacao Nibs Ever

I love these cacao nibs so much. I am currently making cacao extract and it tastes and smells so good. Can’t wait for it to be completely ready for baking. I bought more a few weeks ago and plan to make a mocha extract next.

Taste good in coffee

I add a spoon in my coffee to brew and I have mocha so delicious