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Roasted Cacao Nibs
Roasted Cacao Nibs

Roasted Cacao Nibs

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Roasted beans broken into small pieces. 100% natural- no sugar or flavors added.  Crunchy and super healthy. Sprinkle on fruit, yogurt, cereal, or enjoy alone as a snack!

Each order includes 2 - 8 oz bags for a total of 1 pound per order. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Great nibs

I bought some cheaper nibs first on Amazon and then the Fortunado nibs. Totally worth the extra cost. The Amazon ones weren't totally bad, but quite gritty and not nearly as chocolaty as the Fortunado ones. They are like eating chocolaty nuts, but of course not sweet. I love them.

Tastes horrible

Total waist of my money

Hi Tisha, sorry to hear you didn't love our chocolate. Taste is subjective and while we love it, we have to accept that some people won't love our chocolate as much as we and most of our customers do. Good luck finding your perfect chocolate in the future!


Fortunato No.4 Chocolate

Great chocolate

I got the nibs and the 68% dark bar. The nibs are great in my morning yogurt. Plus I've already used them in brownies and cookies. The bar was a little thicker then I excepted for eating chocolate but is wonderful.

Not so good

I just did not like them at al.

Hi Arthur, the nibs are really versatile, but not sweet and I do understand that they are not always what somebody who's never tried them before is expecting. Eating them straight is definitely not the way to enjoy them.  I suggest putting them in your morning yogurt or smoothie; sprinkling them on a green salad, especially with some slices of mandarin orange; mixing them in with nut-based trail mix; using as a topping for ice cream; including them when baking cookies or brownies; or finally this little gem:

Maple Nibs Recipe

Ingredients: 6 oz. (170.10 grams) Cacao Nibs; 2 oz. (56.70 grams) Maple Syrup;

Mix nibs and maple syrup together in a bowl until syrup is evenly distributed. Spread mixture evenly on parchment lined baking sheet. Bake at 325F for 12 min. Remove baking sheet from oven, then remove parchment from baking sheet to allow nibs to cool. Collect nibs after approximately 7 minutes cooling time.

Good luck, and enjoy!

Chocolate nibs

Love them in my yougurt ! Looking forward to making my homemade chocolate with them too ! Yum yum